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At Niema's Treasures, we are passionate about quality, handmade merchandise with an emphasis on traditional tribal influences and organic materials. We believe that the true blessing of life is the ability to appreciate the array of diverse cultures the world has to offer.


My name is Vicki, the designer for Niema's Treasures. I started with an unquenchable appetite for design, art and history, specifically ethnic jewelry and adornments. After completing my studies in these areas, I began designing and making various pieces, which lead to the creation of Niema's Treasures.


Niema’s Treasures was inspired by Oceanic culture specifically Australia, New Guinea, Melanesia and Polynesia. The richness of cultural style and the use of materials, colors and organic components as a foundation for adornment and decoration was a unique expression of its people. Jewelry was an indication of status and therefore is fundamental in understanding the social society of early tribal jewelry and art.


Oceanic cultures displayed a fascinating mixture of animal teeth, shell, bone, precious metals and stones in creating headresses, earrings, bags, aprons, bracelets and other functional pieces.


Australian Aboriginal culture is perhaps the most fascinating due the fact that it

is the oldest surviving culture in the world. The tribal influences have continuously progressed for over 40,000 years.  


To appreciate diversity requires an understanding of people, their lifestyles, cultural traditions and norms they posses. It is this learning experience that fulfills my curiosity and always inspires my personal creativity


Daalder, Truus. Ethnic Jewellery and Adornment. Melbourne, Australia: Ethnic Art Press, 2009.

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